WICKERT designs new “laboratory and research” press for high-performance lightweight components

New Materials Bayreuth, GmbH (NMB) has commissioned a new 600 ton press equipped with various temperature control technologies for lightweight components in its pilot plant. This new press is used for processing polymer fiber composites, metallic and foamed materials.

WICKERT WKP 6000 S variothermic press for high-performance lightweight components

In combination with a press manufactured by WICKERT, there are various possibilities for dynamic mold tempering: In addition to oil and water under pressure, induction temperature control from RocTool is also available. These systems cover a wide temperature window of up to 932°F and allow for the formation of aesthetic surfaces in short processing cycles for thermoplastic composites and sandwich structures. Due to their excellent specific properties, fiber-reinforced high-performance plastics offer high lightweight construction potential and are increasingly the focus of current developments, especially in the aerospace industry. With platens that can be temperature controlled up to 842°F, the system can be used for both laminate consolidation and thermoforming of fiber-reinforced high-temperature plastics.

For this purpose, organic sheets can be tailor-made from temperatures up to 842°F in an IR emitter field and then fed to a mold within a few seconds by line handling. To prevent the preheated laminates from cooling, the new press has been designed for extremely precise and fast closing movements at closing speeds of up to 300 mm/s. The new press is equipped with an integrated plane-parallelism control system. With an integrated plane-parallelism control, active skewing of the clamping platens is also possible if required. In addition, the coupling of a PU injection system to this press is planned.

Due to the high clamping forces of up to 600 tons and heating temperatures of up to 842°F, even metal sheets can be formed. Thus, the two focal points of NMB, metals and plastics, can be combined at the press to form hybrid materials.

Customer benefits:

  • Fast transport between IR heater and press
  • Usable for thermoplastic and thermoset materials as well as high strength steel
  • Very flexible variotherm process due to high temperature heating platens and optionally, the RocTool induction molding system which is integrated into the control






Wickert Press WKP 6000 S

Technical specifications:

 Clamping force:                                           600 tons

Closing time to maximum force:                 4.2 seconds

Clamping surface:                                        1,250 x 1,250 mm²

Piston stroke:                                                1,500 mm

High temperature heating plates:              842°F

Pre-tempering:                                              IR fields

Handling:                                                       Linear transfer system

Dynamic mold tempering:                       

Pressurized water temperature control unit up to 392°F, Oil temperature control unit up

to 572°F, and RocTool induction temperature control unit up to 932°F




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