Wickert clears up myths – What you should know about artificial intelligence!

Digitalization is probably the most controversial topic in companies. Besides Robotic Process Automation, Big Data and Blockchain-Technology, Artificial Intelligence in particular is considered a groundbreaking technology of the future. Especially in the productions of large car manufacturers, robots are used to make everyday work easier for people. Dangerous activities that have a direct impact on health are now being performed by robots. Classic examples of successful implementation are tasks such as welding or painting. These can be wonderfully automated.

But what exactly is artificial intelligence and does it think like a human being?

1. Artificial intelligence rationalizes workplaces and makes human work unneccessary

This is one of the most feared topics of employees in the course of AI. However, if one looks back at the developments of the last few years, productivity has been significantly increased by the cooperation of people and intelligent systems. Yes, jobs can be eliminated as a result of digitalization, but they are replaced by new and specialized jobs.

2. AI will rule the world one day

We know them
from science fiction movies such as Star Wars – R2-D2 would probably be an
almost perfect example of how robots can have free will. But if you look at
reality and consider that AI is supposed to solve challenging problems in a
simple way by programming a computer specifically, it is clear that machines or
robots with AI have no motives and never will. If they should be developed in
the future, they simply correspond to the ideas of the programmers.

3. An AI thinks like a human

Many people believe that AI can think for itself and also solve problems. But this is simply wrong, because the AI can only execute what a human has programmed before. However, due to a wide range of applications dealing with image recognition, speech
processing or the control of complex machines, it seems as if we are dealing
with a human intelligence, although this is not the case.

We also take AI
seriously in the course of Industry 4.0 and take important steps for a
successful future with our Wickert Smart Factory!

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