Racer for one day

Trainee excursion 2023 – A day full of fun, adrenaline and team spirit

A day full of fun, adrenaline and team spirit – that was the excursion to get to know the new trainees on October 14, 2023.

The venue was the Landau go-kart track, where the trainees took part in two hours of exciting races.

Before the start, there was a safety briefing where, among other things, the various track signals were explained. Then everyone drove two 20-minute qualifications in which the kart drivers put their skills to the test. Three teams of two of roughly equal strength were then formed based on the times driven. The fastest driver was paired with the slowest driver to form a team.

Then it was time for the competition. The course offered numerous challenges and, depending on their own ability, the teams were able to agree when they wanted to change drivers.