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Qualified for clean room and automation

WICKERT hydraulic presses has developed a coil station for rubber with an integrated load cell and automatic weight adjustment. This system, which is now available as a stand-alone model for the first time, allows for separating the roll material from the release film without any elongation and cutting it precisely. With a deviation of over ±1 g, the cutting length is automatically adjusted. In clean rooms compliant with ISO class 8, the peripheral component may also be used.

Rubber material with a width of up to 21 inches and a thickness of between 0.8 mm and 6.5 mm may be processed in sections with length of between 13.75 inches and 36.25 inches. The transfer to rubber presses may be manual or fully automated.

According to WICKERT, the independent dynamic weight adjustment of the cut sections is currently unique in the world and allows for high throughput; especially in automated operation.

Easy handling and self-optimizing control unit

The station’s input can take coils with a diameter of up to 23.5 inches and a maximum weight of 220 pounds. The coils are automatically fixed centrally. Due to ergonomically designed guides, the strips can be threaded easily. The rubber material is then unwound by means of deflection and feed rollers and supplied to the cross cutter. At the same time, the release film is separated and wound on a pneumatic expanding shaft. A sensor permanently measures the diameter of the wound material; the velocity and force of the expanding shaft movement are optimized autonomously.

The rubber material is subsequently supplied to the cutter. A transversely moving circular blade cuts it into the requested length, which is measured by a sensor. The line guide and the blade pressure may be adjusted to ensure precise cuts. Subsequently, the cut sections are transferred to a platform with a load cell on a transport belt and weighed. If the specified weight tolerance is exceeded, the control unit will autonomously optimize the subsequent longitudinal cuts. Finally, the cut sections may be transferred to the rubber press for further processing either manually or in an automated manner.

Easy installation

The coil station is controlled via a 10” touch panel. For automated manufacturing processes, all functions may readily be integrated in the press control unit. The maximum transport weight of the solid system is 1.8 tons so that it can be transported by means of a forklift and installed easily.

FDA approval

All components in contact with products are either of plastic or stainless steel and suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and food industry. In this respect, the coil station has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA.

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