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Industries Served

Aerospace & Aviation

WICKERT presses are used to produce a wide variety of composite aerospace components. These components vary in size and material type according to the specific application. It seems as though composite materials in the aerospace industry evolve on a daily basis in order to achieve optimum performance at minimum weight. Key Wickert technologies like active parallelism control allow us to support the production of aerospace components within the tightest tolerances thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.


Agricultural and construction wear parts take a beating by nature, so it is critical that they are produced with the right physical properties such as hardness and toughness. WICKERT provides producers of plowshares, cultivator tines, knives, hollow discs, shafts and other wear parts with innovative reliable manufacturing solutions. Not only can we reduce quench times by forming and quenching in a single tool, we offer full automation solutions to go along with your press system.


The automotive sector is a competitive landscape with continual demands to improve throughput and reduce costs. Our presses are based on a modular philosophy that allows for complete customization that gives customers the ability to create space saving footprints. Pair this with automation solutions from WICKERT, and you can cut labor costs and increase efficiencies. Transmission parts like synchronizer rings, gear wheels, ring gears, and sliding sleeves are perfect opportunities for our solutions.


Quality and performance are of utmost importance in Defense applications. WICKERT press and equipment solutions are utilized to develop and manufacture a variety of components for weapons, armor, vehicles, and equipment due to our unique skill set. Count on us to design and build the perfect system for your needs.


Gas and oil drilling relies on parts made from composite and rubber materials and we have the experience to assist with your application. Diaphragms, fuels cells, o-rings and seals are just a few opportunities we help your business with.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Very high demands on precision, clean room preparation, and data collection are synonymous with the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. WICKERT has a strong history and associated knowhow in these markets, especially in the manufacture of elastomer components. We can provide total solutions including: molding presses, sliding systems, clean room integration, vacuum chambers, automatic mold release application, and full product handling automation. All of which can be delivered according to the strict documentation requirements of the typical health care application.

Metal Forming & Hardening

WICKERT provides complete systems for metal forming and quenching for a long list of applications. We have the process knowhow to design complete cells with full automation. We are your one stop partner for: forming tools, hardening, cleaning, heating ovens, tool change systems, special gripping solutions, tool change and handling systems, and intelligent networking to name a few.

Rail Transport

Rubber rail crossings, hardened precision parts and rail manufacturing are a few applications where WICKERT can increase the efficiencies and throughput of your business.

Rubber Flooring

WICKERT can produce turnkey systems for the production of rubber flooring that includes: multiple daylights, automation systems to load and unload products, release agents to prevent sticking, and palletization of finished materials. High end flooring, cow mats, and rubber rail crossings are just a few of the areas of expertise where we can create a custom solution for you.

Sports Industries

Skis, snowboards, golf clubs, golf balls and composite bike and wheel frames all use hydraulic presses to manufacture their parts. Companies today rely on fiber-reinforced plastics and rubber to perfect their craft and we have the solutions to help you get to market.

Other Industries

No matter what your business manufactures, WICKERT has the solutions, adaptability, and expertise to design the best solution for you. We are your partner from idea to design to completed product; no challenge is too large or too small.

Testing & Development

Universities and material suppliers all over North America have counted on WICKERT for many years to help them bring their concepts to a full scale reality. Our laboratory presses have unmatched temperature distribution, data logging controls, and complete customization of controls. We put together a press that gives you what you need to be successful.

We are happy to help with your project

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