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In addition to our hardening and quenching presses, we also construct hardening and forming tools for our customers.
That enables perfect adjustment of the links between tool and press.

Our fluid technicians support us, when using hydraulic tools in a mechanical construction.
An optimal flow of the quenching medium is ensured.
We build tools for quenching with and without forming functions.

We build tools for press hardening with indirect cooling and forming functions.
For fixture hardening, we build basic devices with exchangeable components to meet any budget and offer a broad spectrum of options.

Automation concepts complete our offer and create turnkey hardening systems.


Our tools are produced with the help of CNC stations for milling and drilling to ensure precise results. We believe this is the best way to successively produce components that meet geometrical and metallurgical requirements.


All components can be re-heated in our chamber furnaces with our without a protective gas atmosphere. Test presses do the quenching of the components.

We look over the geometrical accuracy of the quenched components with our coordinate-measuring machine. We also check the hardness values with our hardness testing machine.
It is also possible to deep-freeze components to eliminate retained austenite.

Tempering furnaces are also available.


Presses, tools and hardening systems have various integrated sensors. All relevant process data is monitored and recorded. Exporting the data is possible via OPC-UA interface or CSV file.

We are happy to help with your project

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