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For more than 3 generations in the family – For 120 years in Landau, Germany – and a reliable partner for the future.

Jakob Wickert, a trained master locksmith, founded the J. WICKERT machine factory in Landau on May 4th, 1901. Together with 8 journeymen and 5 apprentices he started to build presses. What could be more logical than to develop and produce presses for wine and fruit growing in what is still the largest wine-growing community in Germany today?

The WICKERT presses have always met the highest standards, for example: the hydraulic top-pressure wine press presented in June 1938. The spindle presses available in various sizes were also equipped with modern hydraulic press units. Early on Jakob Wickert began thinking about transferring his experience in press construction to other fields of application. In 1939, dewatering presses for cotton were developed. The product range was expanded in 1948 to the extent that is still valid today.

2007 | Hardening presses / fixture hardening​

Strategic entry into hardening presses / fixture hardening

2004 | ​Innovation Award
2004 | ​Innovation Award

Innovation Award: Press with “zero tolerance” during mechanical processing

2004 | Innovation Award

Another award as a successful and innovative company

2001 | Micro-structural technology

Takeover of USP Pressen GmbH: expansion of micro-structural technology business

2001 | ​Innovation Award
2001 | ​Innovation Award

Innovation Award: Press for medical rubber parts

2001 | Innovative Company Award

Renewed winner of the Outstandingly Successful and Innovative Company Award from the Investitions- und Strukturbank (ISB) Rheinland-Pfalz.

2000 | Extension

Building extension: 6,500 ft² assembly area

1999 | ​Innovation Award

Innovation Award: For development used in the construction of ABS sensors

1999 | Innovative Company Award
1999 | Innovative Company Award

Winner of the Outstandingly Successful and Innovative Company Award from the Investitions- und Strukturbank (ISB) Rheinland-Pfalz.

1998 | Company entry
1998 | Company entry

Stefan Herzinger joins the company as managing director/partner

1995 | Rotating machine

Development of the first rotating machine for much shorter cycle times

1995 | Formed component built with recycled-plastic​s

Construction of the first injection molding machine for molded parts made of recycled plastics

1992 | Pharmaceutical applications​

First press for pharmaceutical clean room applications

1982 | Progress

First automatic transfer machine with mold handling and programmable control

1976 | Company takeover
1976 | Company takeover

Company taken over by Hans J. Wickert

1955 | Expansion
1955 | Expansion

Expansion of the production capacities

1948 | Rubber vulcanizing press​

First rubber vulcanizing press

1942 | Company takeover
1942 | Company takeover

Company taken over by J. Wickert Jr.

1941 | Elastomer industry​
1941 | Elastomer industry​

First press for elastomer industry

1939 | Drainage press

Development of first large drainage press for cotton processing

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