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For more than 3 generations in the family – For 120 years in Landau, Germany – and a reliable partner for the future.

Jakob Wickert, a trained master locksmith, founded the J. WICKERT machine factory in Landau on May 4th, 1901. Together with 8 journeymen and 5 apprentices he started to build presses. What could be more logical than to develop and produce presses for wine and fruit growing in what is still the largest wine-growing community in Germany today?

The WICKERT presses have always met the highest standards, for example: the hydraulic top-pressure wine press presented in June 1938. The spindle presses available in various sizes were also equipped with modern hydraulic press units. Early on Jakob Wickert began thinking about transferring his experience in press construction to other fields of application. In 1939, dewatering presses for cotton were developed. The product range was expanded in 1948 to the extent that is still valid today.

2020 | WICKERT USA website relaunch
2020 | WICKERT USA website relaunch

2020 | WICKERT USA website relaunch

2019 | Website relaunch
2019 | Website relaunch

At the same time with the start of the K-Messe in October 2019 in Düsseldorf the redesigned website went online.

2019 | Global 2019
2019 | Global 2019

In October 2019 WICKERT received and was one of 3 successful companies, the Global 2019 Foreign Trade Prize of the TechnologyRegion Karlsruhe.

2019 | Construction starts
2019 | Construction starts

Start of two new assembly halls in February

2019 | Groundbreaking
2019 | Groundbreaking

Groundbreaking ceremony in February

2018 | From press engineering to plant engineering

Press construction in a large scale becomes standard

2017 | WICKERT press construction becomes even more environmental friendly

Not only do the presses run environmentally friendly and energy efficient; the construction also meets high standards. One of our assembly halls, with a total area of 4,306 ft² was optimized to be more energy efficient. The European Regional Development Fund supported us on that behalf.

2016 | WICKERT Maschinenbau GmbH receives a success award

We received the Success technology award for the development of a forming and hardening press with a metal sealing hardening chamber.

2015 | Investment into capacity expansion for the mechanical processes

In the year 2015, successful investments in the area of mechanical processing were made. A total of € 1.5 million was invested into a center for deep drilling and milling, including a round table for the machining of the hotplates developed by WICKERT. With the new machine, our leading role…Read More

2015 | Extension

Building extension: 1,615 ft² office area

2014 | Extension

Extension: Logistics area

2013 | ​Innovation Award
2013 | ​Innovation Award

Innovation Award: “Thermodiffusionsbondens polymerer Substrate”

2013 | Innovation

Innovation: Hybrid heating system up to 800°F Variotherm

2012 | Innovation

Innovation: RTM process for the production of composite laminated springs

2011 | Extension

Building extension: 18 new workstations for mechanical design and programming

2008 | Innovation

Innovation: Press for fully-automatic production of CFC boards

2008 | Extension

Building extension: 21,500 ft² assembly and storage area

2007 | Company Entry
2007 | Company Entry

Scott Early, President and CEO of DESMA USA develops WICKERT USA partnership as North American representation

2007 | Innovation Award

Innovation Award: Press for production of bipolar boards

2007 | Innovation Award

Renewed winner of the Outstandingly Successful and Innovative Company Award from the Investitions- und Strukturbank (ISB) Rheinland-Pfalz

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