WICKERT to Showcase at CAMX 2022

Wickert will be showcasing at CAMX 2022 in Booth G1. Featuring both representatives from Landau and Hebron, Ky Wickert will be on hand to present composite applications and answer questions.

Wickert composite press in lightweight construction research

Multifunction press for thermoplastic and hybrid high-temperature fiber composites developed and built by Wickert for the Institute of New Materials Bayreuth. With the press, the researchers also want to develop digital process chains and technologies for the production of aerospace structural components in the future.

Vacuum insulation panels (VIP)

Special powder presses for the production of highly insulating vacuum insulation panels (VIP) made of compressed fumed silica. The family-owned company developed the first systems, which are always manufactured as customer-specific special machines, back in 2010.

Clean is not pure: how plastic for medicine is processed in the clean room

PC chips are manufactured in cleanrooms – just like many plastic products for medical applications. The cleanroom press manufacturer WICKERT answers the questions: ✅What is a clean room? ✅ How does a cleanroom work? ✅ What cleanroom classes are there? ✅Which industries work in cleanrooms or ultra-cleanrooms?

Lightweight and strong: ballistic panels protect cars, ships, airplanes

Ballistic plates? They protect warships and container ships, military vehicles, tanks, luxury limousines and helicopters against bullets, explosive, fragmentation and concussion projectiles. They should be lightweight and at the same time provide reliable protection. They are manufactured on special WICKERT presses.