Innovation award 2016 goes to Wickert

For the development of a most innovative tool concept for press hardening which enables a metal tight hardening chamber Wickert was honoured by the Ministry of Economics (RLP), with the innovation award of 2016.

Installation and commissioning of the Wickert WKP 100000 S

The time lap video sequence on the installation and commissioning of the Wickert WKP 100000 S with a total heating platen size of 3.500 x 3.500 mm and a total pressing force of 100.000 kN makes it clear, that it is absolutely necessary to install also large single press units with a total weight of over 50 tons…

Large scale Composite Press left the factory in Landau

Successfully we run of a Composite Press with a platen dimension of 3.500 x 3.500 mm. Based on the specific accuracy of the press including the necessary options, Wickert decides to design this press with a single piece welding concept.

New Investments to increase capacity

Wickert had been able to successfully install new investments in terms of capital equipment in the internal mechanical machine shop. An over all investment of Euro 1,5 mio had been done for a deep trilling milling center including rotary table for the machining of the Wickert heating platen technology.

New Head of Service

Our new service manager Stefan Brandenburger is implemented at our company structure since January 01st, 2016.

New support for Wickert Sales in the States

As a result of the growing Wickert business in North America we recently hired a new DIRECTOR OF NORTH AMERICAN WICKERT SALES. His name is Mr. Randy Schuster.

The Best of German Mittelstand

The family-run company from Landau in the Palatinate region manufactures hydraulic presses, press systems and fully automated systems for moulding processes. It is a global market leader in the production of elastomer presses for individual production and a leading manufacturer of vacuum compression presses.