WICKERT introduces itself as a potential employer

WICKERT constantly put proactive efforts in the recruitment of well trained potential trainees, skilled employees and managers. Far beyond the regular job advertisement WICKERT tries to be one step ahead in contacting potential employees.

WICKERT composite press for Airbus A 350

The highly resilient (carbon) fiber composite component is manufactured at Eurocopter in Donauwörth by the Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process. This process allows the production of structural components with relatively high volumetric fiber content and good impact qualities, while ensuring low weight at the same time

Innovation prize for WICKERT

The State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Climate Protection, Energy and Regional Planning of Rhineland-Palatinate awards an annual innovation prize in cooperation with the committee of the Chamber of Industry and Trade of the federal state, …

WICKERT unveils a fully electric press at the K 2013

The majority of fairgoers who made their way to us in Düsseldorf to inform themselves particularly about production solutions associated with elastomers and plastics in connection with the topic of fiber-composites were from Western European countries.